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3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Wine Party

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Hosting a wine party is a great way to organise a family gathering or invite people over to sample a variety of bottles. You can’t open 5 or 6 bottles of wine by yourself and start tasting each one. Having different wines alongside each other gives you a different perspective on each bottle, the best way to do this and not waste wine is to organise a party.

  1. Select a Theme

The first thing you should do is decide on a theme, it makes the partying more enjoyable and creates dialogue. For example, you don’t have to pick 5 random bottles and just go ahead and taste, you should use different variables to make it interesting. Here are some ideas to make your wine tasting event go off without a hitch.

  • Comparisons – Choose different wines from different regions and put them up against each other. You could have a Chilean favourite go against a much-loved French wine, or an Argentinian brand with a popular Italian label. Or, you could compare European wines and South American wines, your options are endless.
  • Price – It isn’t fair to compare a cheap wine to an expensive one, so make sure you choose a specific dollar amount for your party. It is always great to find a new product at a reasonable price.
  • Blind Tasting – Incorporate games into the wine tasting party. You can cover bottles and disguise their identity. This is a fun, interactive way to make your event more interesting.
  1. Choosing the Right Wine Glasses

Picking the right wine glasses for your event is essential, as a host, it is something you should not overlook. There is a lot of research that goes into making the perfect wine glass and buying them can be a little intimidating. If you don’t want a headache when choosing your wine glasses, read through these tips.

  • Right Size – If a glass is too big, wine will lose its aroma. If it’s too narrow, it won’t capture the bouquet. There is a universal right size, if you don’t know it, ask an expert to help.
  • Right Shape – The right glass should be wider at the base; this helps to bring out the aroma. We all know that smelling the wine is the most important part of tasting it.
  • Simple Design – You want to smell, taste and see the wine, so choose a glass which is clear.
  1. Keep the Party Intimate

You don’t want to invite too many to the party, if you’ve more than 10, you’ll have to buy duplicate bottles. A small, intimate group encourages discussion and allows guests to mingle with each other throughout the event. You should also provide pens and paper, so each guest can document their thoughts.

Hosting a wine party is a great way to get friends or family together and enjoy a variety of products. In addition to some of the ideas mentioned above, you can add various foods that interact with wine. If you don’t mind doing a little research, there are plenty of options available, such as cheese or salted nuts.

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