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All You Need to Know About Baby Dummies

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Many babies enjoy sucking on a dummy, and while parents may have excellent intentions to avoid doing so, there’s a reason why they’re so popular. Dummies are a terrific technique to calm a wailing baby. There’s no reason to quit as long as they’re beneficial. However, if the dummy is interfering with a baby’s sleep, feeding, or speech development, it’s time to get rid of it.

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Introducing to you a brief guide on dummies to help you understand it’s use and need. 

When to Introduce a Dummy to Your Little One?

Although most moms offer a dummy for the first time when their kid is a newborn or in the early weeks of his or her life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Experts recommend delaying the use of a dummy until lactating has been established for at least four weeks. This is because when babies are sucking on a dummy, they adopt a different suction technique than when they are nibbling on the breast. It is acceptable for bottle-fed newborns to have a dummy from the time they are born.

When To Stop the Use?

It’s a good idea to start phasing out a dummy around the age of 12 months. By this time, babies have begun to eat solid foods and are better able to convey their desires. Sucking for longer periods of time can affect speech development, especially in babies who have a pacifier in their mouth all the time and talk around it.

How do Dummies Impact Your Baby’s sleep?

While dummies might be useful for calming a baby to slumber, they can also have a negative impact on his or her sleep. Babies who nibble on a dummy to fall asleep are calmed; however, as they migrate between sleep periods, they need their pacifier to fall asleep again. If their dummy falls outside from their mouth and they can’t find it, it’s on to the parents to retrieve and replace it.

Ways To Use A Dummy

  • Always avoid using a dummy that has been damaged. Replacing worn-out dummies with fresh ones is a good idea.
  • Attaching your baby’s dummy to their clothing with a tie or ribbon is never a good idea. These can be dangerous and lead to choking.
  • Select a dummy that complies with Australian Standards.
  • Do not take your baby’s dummy and put it in your mouth. The bacteria that cause tooth decay can simply be passed from parent to child.
  • Use a dummy that is appropriate for your baby’s age and size. Get new dummies as your baby grows and their mouth size changes.
  • If your child gets a lot of ear infections, you should stop using a dummy. Constant sucking can sometimes increase the risk.

Only once a baby’s feeding cycle has been established should dummies be introduced to them. Using a dummy does not prevent a child from eating. If you’re worried about your baby’s aptitude to grasp and suck, though, you should prioritize feeding.

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