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Benefits to Taking AP Courses During High School Years

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Students at a BASIS Curriculum School can begin AP-level curriculum prior to entering high school. All students begin AP courses and examinations in Grade 9. As part of their graduation requirements, our students are required to take a minimum of six Advanced Placement courses. However, most of our students take significantly more examinations, and they have a very high success rate. These tests and scores reflect our students’ potential and are an integral part of the university admission process.

Here is a closer look at the numerous benefits of taking these advanced placement courses throughout the high school years.

Allows Students to Study What They Enjoy

There are 38 AP courses available, ranging from computer science to Japanese language and culture. However, not all subjects are offered at every school, so some students will have to pick and choose based on what is available.

If you’re a science wiz, AP Biology or AP Chemistry may provide you with the additional challenge you’re looking for. If you want to become the next literary master, enroll in AP English. Choosing a subject that interests you or in which you have past success can assist you in committing to the task and helps ensure your success with it.

Earn College Credits

One of the things at the International School in Bangkok is that all students are prepared for life, as it happens after high school. The goal of the high school program is to prepare students to enter into some of the top universities and enter the workforce after that. Taking Advanced Placement courses is a great way to start preparing for college as each class and test that a student is successful with allows them to earn college credits. These credits can then be used to satisfy required courses in college, freeing their schedule up to take other courses they are interested in.

Make Your Application Stand Out

Advanced Placement classes demonstrate to admissions authorities that you are prepared to work at the college level. Admissions counselors routinely tell us that institutions prioritize high grades and intellectual rigor when evaluating applications. Even beyond the results of standardized tests that students can take.

Advanced Placement courses are more intense than ordinary classes. They cover a greater amount of information and involve independent work such as research and analysis. Early exposure to a college-level curriculum may help you transition smoothly from a high school senior to a first-year college student.

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