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How Christian TV is Building Character and Saving Lives

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Since its inception, Christian television has been known for its faith-based programming. From teaching children biblical truths to encouraging people of all ages to live according to God’s principles, Christian TV has had a positive impact on society. In fact, studies have shown that programs like these can help build character and save lives.

What Does Christian TV Mean for Character?

Character is a cornerstone of Christianity. A Christian should have good character and be someone others can look up to. What does that mean for Christians who watch television?

TV has a large impact on children and their development. Studies have shown that watching TV affects children’s values, morals, emotions, and social skills. According to studies, “Television viewing has emerged as one of the top two most influential factors shaping children’s worldview – ranking even above having a father in the home.” So it is no surprise that Christian television networks are striving to produce good character-building programming.

The Impact of Christian TV on Children and Families: How It Helps Saves Lives

Christian television has a long and storied history of impacting children and families. The images and messages conveyed through Christian television can have a profound impact on the lives of those who watch it. The programs often provide positive role models, offer biblical teaching, and encourage personal growth. In addition to providing moral instruction, Christian television can also help families cope with difficult times. It can provide comfort in times of stress, offer support during difficult transitions, and encourage healthy relationships. Ultimately, Christian television can have a significant impact on the lives of its viewers.

Positive Characteristics That Are Encouraged on Christian TV

Christian TV networks have long been known for their positive messages and exemplary characters. Here are some of the positive characteristics that are often encouraged on these networks:

  1. Dependability. Christian TV networks teach their viewers to be dependable and trustworthy, even in difficult times. This is important because it builds character and makes people more reliable and durable in the face of adversity.
  1. Integrity. Christian TV networks emphasize integrity, which means living up to one’s word and following through with commitments. It teaches people to be honest, trustworthy, and loyal to others.
  1. Compassionate hearts. Christian TV networks emphasize the importance of having a compassionate heart. This means being willing to forgive and help others when they need it most. It also teaches people to put themselves in other people’s shoes and empathize with them.


In conclusion, Christian TV is providing a valuable service by building character and saving lives. It is important for families to have access to quality programming that will help them grow closer to God and learn how to live sacrificially.

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