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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Real Estate Postcard Template

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Creating a beautiful postcard is difficult if you want it to convey your message. It’s even more complicated when the advertisement you’re trying to make is for real estate listings. Choosing a template can be tricky if you still need to determine what to look for in your final product. With that in mind, here are some of the most important things you need to remember when picking out your neighborhood realtor postcards template for your project.

Choose the perfect size:

If you have an understated site name or logo on the front of each card, keep it smaller so there will be more detail visible on each image at first glance. For example, make it narrow if you have a photorealistic house mock-up at the top of your postcard. Larger file sizes are better for longer posts. But if your postcard has an image with a lot of space around it, like a real estate listing in your neighborhood, keep the font size large to make the overall image look crisp and professional.

Be careful when using text:

Your postcard’s headline is crucial because it will determine what kind of notices will be placed on it throughout the advertising period. Remember that you want to appeal to potential homebuyers and sellers alike, so choose your colors carefully and consider how each should look in black-and-white or color.

Get the cropping right:

Cropping can sometimes look natural, but if you’re selling a small property, it can make the image look smaller than it is. Cropping at the top can also make your postcard look worse. Keep this in mind when creating a card, and choose your parameters carefully to give you the best


Use single-line copy

You’ve probably already thought about this since you were staring at postcards all morning, but try to use only two lines of copy on one side of the card. Ensure all ads are within this limit, so there’s no confusion among potential buyers as they flip through them.

Try to stay away from lists:

When trying to sell things, you want to give buyers a good reason to choose your product over another. There are better ways of doing this than lists. Try using more visual elements and try adding values like “Free home warranty” or “Easy payment plan.” These can make your neighborhood realtor postcards look more appealing.

Use background colors that are not too bright or gaudy:

Gaudy colors will stand out too much and draw attention away from your ad. If you’re trying to sell something, you want people to focus on the product rather than the color of your card’s background or design.

Make the font look good with your images:

This one is a given, but it’s still important to remember. You must ensure that your font and image style fits in well with the rest of your design. Do this using one of many predesigned templates where everything has been made to look great together.

If you’ve gone about your project the right way, you’re probably done with your postcard now. But you should spend as much time editing it as possible to ensure everything is just how you want it. Always edit until the image looks perfect and nothing seems out of place. There’s no such thing as too much editing, so make the most of it by keeping each step in mind and ensuring everything looks professional.


Following the tips above, you should have a postcard that will sell well once you start promoting it. Make sure everything is possible for this task by ensuring everything fits organically in your design so nothing looks mismatched. Once you’re done with your postcard, try looking at other postcards from others to make sure that yours is of high quality and doesn’t look out of place among them.

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