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How to Prepare for Professional Capet Cleaning in Your home

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Professional carpet cleaning is an excellent way of maintaining clean rugs in your home. These companies use proper cleaning agents and equipment to eliminate stubborn stains and trapped debris from your carpets. The best cleaning teams use organic cleaning products; these are safe and have many benefits. Again, they possess the proper equipment to avoid damaging your carpets. There are various ways to prepare for carpet cleaning; this helps you get the most out of the services.

Here’s what to do before the cleaning team arrives:

  1. Declutter

Cleaning is easy when you have ample space. Before the team starts working on your carpets, declutter by removing potential trip hazards like shoes, bags, and furniture. Put bulky furniture aside to create a clean path and ample floor space. Also, taking the furniture away prevents damages or your furniture from getting wet in the cleaning process.

  1. Inquire of the cleaning agents

There are different carpet cleaning companies, and all use varied cleaning supplies. Get to know what the company uses and make arrangements for quality supplies. For instance, if the team uses conventional cleaning agents, inquire whether they can acquire organic products for your rugs. These are safe and won’t damage your carpets. And this is why the rug cleaning Calabasas team uses organic cleaning solutions for carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

  1. Think of your walls- protection is key!

Once you engage the professional cleaning company, discuss your walls before commencing the project. The team uses different appliances and cleaning solutions and some cleaners can be bulky. Some feature large hoses and may leave unsightly marks on your walls. The common problem areas include baseboards, doorways, and corners. Consider using painter’s tape on these areas where the hose could leave marks on the walls.

  1. Hung up your drapery

 If your curtains and drapery flow to the floor, they will get damp during the cleaning process. Take them down and wash them as the professionals work on your carpets. Besides, it beats logic to have clean carpets and dusty curtains.

 But, if you lack time for this, tie them some inches higher from the floor. You can also ask the cleaning company if they offer curtain cleaning services, some give offer for cleaning other items like drapery and upholstery.

  1. Take the pets out

 Pet’s hair can get in almost every place in your home, and this is particularly true with damp carpets. Therefore, take the pets out; they might be frightened by newcomers. During cleaning, the beeping noise can also scare your lovely pets, making them uncomfortable.

  1. Prepare your carpets – Pick large dirt particles to ease cleaning.

 Don’t wait for the team to do everything. Make small vacuum strokes on your rugs to alleviate dust, pet hair, and dirt lying on your carpet. This will remove the topmost layer of dirt on the rugs, allowing the professionals to reach deep threads for excellent results.

In conclusion, it’s advisable to clean your rugs regularly to keep dirt and dust at bay. Most homeowners prefer to go the DIY way, but hiring cleaning professionals offers considerable gains. If you have dusty rugs in the home, seek carpet cleaning services from professional companies for a clean and safe home.

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