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The New Challenge for Families

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It was Aristotle, in his Social Philosophy who has characterized the significance of family in the public arena. As indicated by him, the family is the reason for network, yet he doesn’t sufficiently set up the centrality of the individual and the inherent decency of marriage and family. The prevalence and power of the political system eclipse the family.

Today, the entire Catholic people group observes The Feast of the Holy Family. The Holy Family, as per the congregation is the ideal case of what each family ought to be. Nonetheless, the family now-a-days is being looked with a few difficulties which places the family in a problem.

You may ask yourself, what can be the potential difficulties for the family today? There are a few potential difficulties for the family and among these various difficulties are the accompanying:


Independence is for all intents and purposes a belief system, a social standpoint that accentuates the ethical worth of the person. This way of thinking in fact supports and elevates the person as an element that doesn’t require or require different individuals from the family. The way of thinking where I am extraordinary and can make due without the assistance of different people that encompass me.


Joy is the sole or boss great throughout everyday life. This way of thinking or belief system concentrates more on accomplishing delight. For up to an activity gives delight, regardless of whether it be physically or inwardly, I don’t have to stress over what others would state, think, or do. My point as an individual is just to accomplish the most elevated structure or level of joy.

Both these philosophies are viewed as dangers in the family since they start dysfunctionalism in the family itself. Dysfunctionalism in the family structure is established as the two philosophies will in general expel different individuals from the family, these belief systems don’t think about different individuals from the family, and in light of the fact that these two belief systems or ways of thinking centers more around the distinct individual, carrying on with a separated life where he doesn’t have to communicate, or even stress over having an amicable association with different people or individuals from the family.

The family structure is gradually being demolished and being annihilated by such belief systems that makes it difficult for guardians to have the option to show their youngsters fundamental morals and for the kids to have a grip of what is correct and what’s going on. The lessons of debauchery and independence go to contort ideas of good and bad, of fortunate or unfortunate, and so on.

This is the new challenge for families today. By what means can guardians have the option to make the family fill in as one unit, the solidarity and solidarity of the family is presently being cleared away and being disposed of by the idea of Individualism, where I don’t any longer consider myself to be working with different individuals from the family yet functioning as a solitary person? Gratification then again, devastates the solidarity of the family by pushing idea that I would just pursue my folks or work with other relatives for whatever length of time that the assignment is pleasurable yet on the off chance that I don’t discover joy in it, at that point I would not do it. Given the two ideas, in what manner can we currently bring up our kids and how might we show them the estimation of family?

The test of the family is a test for us all. A test that may cause the all out dysfunctionalism of society. This is something that we, as a country, as a nation should face and resolve. A test that isn’t just present in the Philippines yet in addition in families situated in different nations and countries.

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