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Diaper Bag Essentials To Carry When Travelling With Babies    

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You love your little bundle of joy and parenting certainly has its perks. Travelling, however, is not one of them. Travelling with an infant can be difficult. You’re no longer a light packer because your baby needs a lot of things, right? The most important among these is the diaper bag. This “magical” bag contains almost everything that will tide you over when traveling with your infant. So what do you pack in this diaper bag? Here’s a list you may want to consult while you do pack the diaper bag:

Diapers – But of course! The most important thing to go into a diaper bag are the diapers. A newborn will need about 8–12 diapers for a whole day. This will help you estimate the number of diapers you will need for the hours of travel. Throw in a couple of extra diapers just to be sure you have enough.

Wipes – Where there is diaper changing involved, there is a need for the very best organic baby wipes. goodness.me made with organic baby wipes is a godsend because it keeps your baby soft and clean without any of the toxic ingredients in ordinary wipes.

Diaper cream – A diaper cream helps soothe the irritation when it comes to inflammation or diaper rashes – things that may make your infant uncomfortable and cranky. It may also be a good idea to pack in a jar of goodness.me certified organic multi-purpose baby cream. This can double up as a diaper rash cream and a baby cream.

Ziploc bags – It is essential to carry some Ziploc bags that can be used to store soiled clothes if need be.

Changing pad – A disposable or a washable changing pad comes in handy, particularly if you are on a road trip and are unable to find clean stations to change your baby in.

Baby food – If you are not breastfeeding, it is a great idea to pack in sealed pouches of baby food/formula.

Bottles or sippy cups – You may want to bring in some juice and a bottle or a sippy cup for the milk or formula.

Burp towels – Your baby will need to be burped after every feed. This means that you will need burp towels to throw on your shoulder lest you soil your clothes.

Bib – A washable or reusable bib is almost an essential. It helps keep the mess off the baby clothes necessitating less changes during travel.

Change of clothes – Carry a pair of extra clothes, preferably onesies and socks for your little one in your diaper bag. If you find the space you may want to tuck in an extra shirt for yourself as well.

Pacifier – Pacifiers can be a great aid to keep the baby occupied and to help adjust to air pressure in case of air travel. It is best to remember that pacifiers only work if the baby is used to them.

Baby blanket – The baby blanket comes in handy when you want to swaddle the baby, keep him/her from getting chilly, and even to lay over a dirty changing station if need be.

Medication – You will also need to pack in any regular medication your baby is on, in the diaper bag. If you child is colicky it is a good idea to pack in colic drops or gripe water to relieve colic during travel.

Small toys – Traveling with your baby involves keeping the little one distracted and comfortable for extended periods of time. A favourite toy can be a great aid in this endeavour and should go into the diaper bag.

Disinfectant spray – It is a good idea to carry a disinfectant spray to use on changing stations. If this is not handy you may use natural organic wipes to give these surfaces a good wipe down before using them.

Travelling with an infant may seem daunting but you will be surprised how many people are accommodating. Most airlines allow parents with small children and infants to board ahead of others. If you need help it is a good idea to ask your fellow passengers or the flight attendants.

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