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Things About Life Coach Mentor Everyone Must Know

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Are you a life coach, and you want to make your business stand out? Or are you interested in becoming a life coach, and you need guidance? Well, what you need is mentor coaching. Mentor coaching is part of the process new life coaches undergo before getting certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). A life coach mentor is a professional in life coaching who passes his expertise and knowledge to new life coaches with particular career goals.  Below are some essential things you need to know about life coach mentors:

Experience: One cannot start a mentorship program if he does not have adequate life coaching experience. Every reputable life coach mentor usually has about 20 years’ experience in coaching. He passes the coaching skills and knowledge to new life coaches to help them business. Quintella Life Coach and Mentor are known to have the best life coaching mentorship program in the world.

Credible Life Coach Mentors are Certified: In order to start a mentoring business, they need to be certified. Although coaching and mentorship are not formally regulated, the International Coach Federation provides a list of “certified mentor coaches” on their website. Many coaching beginners must look for accredited or certified life coach mentors to guide them.

Coach Mentors are Business-Oriented: Coach mentoring is a booming business, and one needs to have a great understanding of business aspects before setting up a mentorship business. A life coach mentor should be able to manage their office and keep the business running because “he is own manager.” Therefore, mentors usually advertise themselves on various marketing platforms to get more clients.

Great Listening and Communication Skills: Mentorship requires critical communication skills to ensure he or she understands what the mentee wants. Life coach mentors also exhibit extraordinary listening abilities, which entails asking questions and critically analyzing situations. A reliable life coach mentor must listen and communicate effectively.

Organized and Time-Conscious: A professional mentor is always organized while following an activity schedule. It is vital to organize sessions and manage time wisely. A mentor will not succeed in his or her life coach mentorship program if he does not have an exact schedule of the day’s activities. With a life coach mentor, a new life coach can get the best training to guide him through the business.

After finishing a coaching course, a new life coach must undergo mentorship to gain skills and knowledge for his business to thrive. The traits mentioned above must be considered when looking for a life coach mentor.

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